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Jan. 21st, 2011

【geass】 tastes like dynamite and nitro


Mod Note

Since our latest prompt was unable to inspire any entries either in December or when it was reposted in January, perhaps it's best if the community was closed or handed off? We did have a some really good submissions, but if interest for the series has waned at the moment, the comm can always be opened again later.

Jan. 3rd, 2011

【geass】 promise today will be beautiful


[ # 006 | WISHES ] Challenge Post

New year, new attempt at getting back into the swing of things for this community. What do you say?

Challenge 006:
Everyone harbours their secret desires, hopes, aspirations. Whether they're realistic or complete fantasies, we treasure these dreams and hope one day to see them come true. What are people willing to sacrifice to make either their, or other people's wishes, come true?
Challenge ends Friday, Jan 7th!

× Post your submissions as new entries to the community
using the template located in the community profile.
× Tag your entries with: 006 - wishes, [#] submission
× If you have any questions, just let me know here!

【geass】 baby gonna blow you away


[ # 005 | EPITAPH ] Winners


For Love

by angels_archives
Total Points: 13

Nov. 24th, 2010

【geass】 pretty as as lotus blooming


[ # 005 | EPITAPH ] Voting

Sorry for the delay in posting this voting, I was hoping we might've found a few more submissions. We'll give everyone an extra week break, and resume the 6th challenge as of Dec 6th

This week's entries, in order of submission:

For Love by angels_archives
The Living and the Dead by angelemperor
Guilt by megalomaniageek

Rules & Voting PollCollapse )

Nov. 19th, 2010

【geass】 found a scorpion in my uniform


Last Call!

Last call for Epitaph entries, voting poll will be posted tonight after midnight, EST.

Nov. 13th, 2010

A - あ


[ # 005 | EPITAPH ] Guilt

Challenge #:005:Epitaph
Title: Guilt
Word Count: 193
Pairings: None
Rating/Warnings: G
Summary: Eaten by guilt, he must live on.

It felt as if the guilt was flowing out of him, covering him, exactly like...Collapse )


[ # 005 | EPITAPH ] The Living and the Dead

Challenge #5: Epitaph
Title: The Living and the Dead
Word Count
: 230
Pairings: Slight implied Suzalulu
Rating/Warnings: G; General Turn 25 spoilers
Summary: The future was now in their hands, but no one else can know who truly gave them it.
Lelouch told him: "The earth belongs to the living." He didn't reply.Collapse )
【geass】 my fairytale ends in tragedy


[ # 005 | EPITAPH ] Extension

Must be a very busy month for everyone! We're extending Challenge 005 - Epitaph for another week to allow for more submissions! :) It will now close on Nov 19!

Also, if you'd like to put forward any suggestions on the community so far, including the weekly format and schedule, please do so HERE. We've been having a lot of extensions due to low number of submissions, so any changes that you feel would help, please bring them up.

Nov. 12th, 2010

sweet romantic, love!, eriolxtomoyo


[005 | Epitaph] For Love

Challenge #: 005 - Epitaph
Title: For Love
Word Count: 259
Pairings: None
Rating/Warnings: G
Summary: Nunnally understood why he had to die. 

Whatever is done for love always occurs beyond good and evil.

Friedrich Nietzsche

"Interesting epitaph," Milly Ashford observes as she stands next to the new Empress of Brittania, looking at the tombstone. She wears a somber black dress, gloves and even a veil. Even though the autocracy was abolished, they cannot turn their backs on their customs. "Who chose that?"

"I did," a dry-eyed Nunnally vi Brittania replied. She looked regal in a black gown that is embellished with lace and beads. Her voluminous brown hair is fixed into an elegant chignon to showcase the Crown Jewels. Everyone is going to look at her so she has to look her best. Her big brother always said that appearances are everything. "My brother deserves it."

Her old friends glances at her and squeezes her hand. Although she doesn't understand why, she knows that there is more to the deceased Emperor's assasination. "My condolences," she says before she walks away.

The Empress turns to the green-haired woman and the black-clad figure behind her. She has a smile so heartbreaking that even C.C looks touched. "Nobody will ever understand his sacrifice," she says to them.

"Hail Zero," C.C whispers and turns back. She disappears into the forming crowds. "Foolish boy."

"Hail Lelouch," the new Zero says very softly, only for her ears. "He loved you too much. He was happy to die."

This is his legacy, she thinks. This is why he worked so hard to free me and the rest of the world.

Nunnally bites her lip to stop the tears.

Nov. 8th, 2010

【geass】 my fairytale ends in tragedy


[ # 005 | EPITAPH ] Challenge Post

Challenge 005:
When we die, what words are spoken over our graves and in our memories? Will we be remembered fondly, or will our deaths spark revolution? The story of Geass, the tragedy and triumph of its characters, has meaning even from beyond the grave.
Challenge ends Friday, Nov 12th!

× Post your submissions as new entries to the community
using the template located in the community profile.
× Tag your entries with: 005 - epitaph, [#] submission
× If you have any questions, just let me know here!

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